Founder & Owner


Founder & Owner

Pilates changed my life – which is why I’ve spent the last decade teaching its many benefits to others.

Much of my childhood was spent dreaming about becoming a dancer. And in my late teens I got the chance to make that come true when I was offered a place at a prestigious dance college.

But a serious injury ended my career before it had even started – I was shattered. During my rehab I was then diagnosed with hypermobility – a condition which began to weaken my joints AND ligaments. In fact, my whole body was suffering.

It was this heartache that led me into the Health and Social Care Sector. I wanted to help others cope with life-affecting conditions as well holding small dance sessions in the evenings.

But after having my second child I became very ill. I suffered severe headaches, pain in my neck and lower back, tinnitus, vertigo, and numbness in my legs and arms, eye problems, muscle weakness and other ailments.

Living daily with pain became exceptionally depressing, and it took nearly two years for medical professionals to diagnose me with Arnold Chiari Malformation. It seems I was born with this condition but it only came to light later after having an epidural.

Fortunately, I discovered Pilates.

Discovering Pilates


It has given me a whole new lease of life, teaching me how to use my body in a way that has helped it go from strength to strength both mentally and physically.

I have been practising Pilates for 10 years now and during that time, the amount of pain I suffered has decreased and I can honestly say that my third pregnancy was the most comfortable.  I did not suffer with back pain, pelvic pain, or sciatic pain, I also felt much stronger.

Pilates has taught me how to strengthen all my muscles, ligaments and tendons, as well as ensuring I have good posture, good alignment and a much stronger core. It helps to release the pressure in my head and has allowed me to use my upper body in a correct form. Overall it has also helped with my hypermobility.

Because of how Pilates was working for me as an individual my teacher suggested that I train to become a teacher myself.  That is exactly what I did after having my third child.

I trained with a company called Body Control Pilates®.  The training was exceptionally intense – many exams had to be passed, and many tears were cried. Once I qualified, I continued to build new classes until I reached a point where I could leave my day job and focus solely on Pilates.

I teach something that I strongly believe in and that I am very passionate about.

– All my clients come for different reasons, with different ailments, needs and abilities.

– I teach in a way that I feel people understand. I am realistic and use language that makes sense to us as humans.

– I believe being a good teacher is having an ability to understand people as individuals, being able to relate to them, knowing when they can do more and achieve more.

– It is my job to learn about my clients’ bodies, to know where their strengths and possible weaknesses are to ensure they are safe.

My role is to encourage and motivate, and at times there is a need to sympathise and to listen.