No. Exercises are developed to meet each person’s need. However, Pilates will certainly increase your mobility over time and if you are very flexible you will learn to control your ranges of movement.

class lasts 1 hour.

Isn’t Pilates just about breathing and stretching?

No. Breathing is an essential part of Pilates but it’s just one
principle. I teach in a way that helps the breathing fall into place.
Stretching is part of Pilates to help us reach our full potential with our
ranges of flexibility and mobility but you will not spend an hour stretching.

Will I lose weight doing Pilates?

Pilates practised on its own it will not make you lose weight. It
will, however, help tone your body and make it stronger. To lose weight eat a
healthy balanced diet and allow Pilates to complement other forms of exercise.

average there are 10-12 people in a class.

require a minimum of 4 weeks paid notice if you wish to leave.  

require 48 hours notice to cancel a 1-1 session.  Cancelling any later
than this will incur full cost.

may be times when a class is missed, and this happens to everyone. You will not
receive a refund for a missed class, but I do offer the option of making the
class up by joining another session as and when is convenient for us both.

only time a refund would be given would be if I was unable to teach and had to
cancel a class.

Comfortable clothing, e.g leggings, tracksuits bottoms, t-shirt etc.

Socks must be worn for hygiene reasons.

You will be asked which class you would prefer to attend. I will do my best to accommodate this subject to availability. You will then remain in that group on a regular basis.

No, I supply all equipment. Can you please bring a small towel to cover your head customs for hygiene reasons. You may wish to bring a drink with you as keeping your fluid intake up is vitally important to our bodies.